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Charter school renewal

The charter contract typically runs from 3-5 years. Toward the end of the contract the operator re-applies to extend the contract and the authorizer engages in an extensive review of the operator. This process is called renewal and includes rigorous examination of:

  • Student achievement
  • School climate
  • Governance and financial management

If the authorizer does not renew the charter operator or the operator terminates the contract, the school system must decide whether to take over the management of the charter school, open it up to management by another operator or close the school.

For more information about renewal practices of local school districts, visit, for Baltimore City the Baltimore City Schools website.

Anne Arundel County visit

Frederick County visit

Prince George's County visit

St. Mary's County, visit

Components of Evaluation

Charter school performance is continually evaluated by the operator, the authorizer, the state and other stakeholders interested in the quality of public education. The data collected provides both high level snapshots of how charter schools are performing and more complete evaluations which include both quantitative (testing data, attendance, graduation rates) and qualitative (surveys, site visits, student placement, etc) data.

  • School level data from MSDE includes state level PARCC results, student demographics, attendance, graduation rates, etc. This data can be found by accessing the Maryland Report Card