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Charter legislation

At various times since Maryland State charter law passed in 2003, legislators have proposed changes to the law.

In 2013, several bills were proposed and ranged from teacher certification and facilities funding to the creation of a government appointed board to support the work of authorizers. The only bill to pass was SB194 sponsored by Senator Kelly of Baltimore County. The bill authorized the Maryland State Department of Education to produce a study of charter schools in Maryland and provide recommendations based on the study if needed. The report, along with recommendations to improve Maryland’s public charter school environment can be found here.

In 2015, components of  Senate Bill 595 and House Bill 486 passed  that contained several provisions to improve the environment for public charter schools and support the creation of  more high-quality public school options for children, especially those from low-income households and make Maryland public charter schools eligible for federal and philanthropic funding. 

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