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Quick Facts

How many public charter schools are in Maryland?

There are 50 public charter schools in the state of Maryland.

  • Baltimore City is home to 34 public charter schools.
  • Prince George’s County has 10 charter schools
  • Frederick county has 3 public charter schools
  • Anne Arundel county has 2 public charter schools
  • St. Mary’s county has 1 public charter school

If Maryland public charter schools became a school district, it would be 16th largest out of 24 public school districts in the state based on enrollment. 

Are charter school employees unionized?

Charter school teaching staff and the principal, are required by Maryland State Law to be employees of the local school district and not the charter operator. As such, they are subject to the collective bargaining contracts negotiated by the local school district with the appropriate unions and covered by all applicable state and local policies and regulations including certification.

How are charter schools funded?

Maryland law requires local school districts to fund public charter schools at a level commensurate with traditional public schools. Two key principles apply:

  • Public school funds follow the student. Charter school students should get the same amount allocated to them as traditional school students.
  • Commensurate funding currently applies only to operating funds, often called the "per-pupil" allocation, and has not included any separate allocation related to capital spending or otherwise allocated to pay for and maintain facilities.

Who attends Maryland charter schools?

Public charter schools are public schools and their students reflect the demographics of the state of Maryland. Public charter schools serve students from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds as well as students with special needs.

In general, Maryland public charters schools enroll a higher percentage of African American student and serve more students who are FARMS eligible and those who require special education services.