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Charter Schools

Maryland public charter schools are public schools and are free and open to all children throughout the state. Maryland's 50 charter schools enroll nearly 23,000 students in pre-K through 12th grades. Students hail from a wide range of neighborhoods, income levels and ethnic backgrounds. Learn more about Maryland's charter schools.


Public charter schools create unique communities by choosing their own curriculum, pedagogy and enrichment programs. Across the state public charter school offerings include arts integration, language immersion, Montessori, science and technology and classical instructional methods.

Admission and waiting lists

The majority of Maryland public charter school's require families to submit a brief, free student application to enroll.* There are no admission requirements beyond living in the jurisdiction where the school is located. Since applications often outnumber available seats, public charter schools often hold lotteries to determine student admission status. Students who do not gain immediate admission to their school of choice are often placed on a waitlist.

Every year, roughly 14,000 families are on waiting lists for public charter schools throughout the state.

* There are currently 11 Baltimore public charter schools that are zoned for neighborhood enrollment.

Map of Public Charter Schools
Map of Maryland public charter schools, 2015