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Who We Are

The Maryland Alliance of Public Charter Schools supports quality public charter school education on behalf of students and families. The Alliance evolved from the unification of The Coalition for Baltimore City Charter Schools and the Maryland Charter School Network, creating the leading state-wide proponent and advocate for Maryland charter schools. We are a non-partisan group that serves as a voice for charter school communities so we can:

  • Advocate for equitable and transparent conditions for public charter schools
  • Offer support to new and existing public charter schools
  • Drive the discussion around innovative educational practices that lead to positive outcomes for students


Maryland public charter schools are united by a commitment to provide highly effective public school options to families. Our 50 public charter schools offer diverse missions that engage communities of students, parents and staff to do their best work and which result in good outcomes for Maryland's youth. Click Here for an infographic overview of Maryland's public charter schools.

The strength of the charter school model rests on school level control. To be successful, charter schools need flexibility to respond to the needs of their unique community and a corresponding level of accountability for producing academic outcomes, positive school climates and sound governance and financial management. When this balance is achieved, charter schools are a vibrant strategy for bringing innovation to public education and reducing academic or programmatic gaps within public school systems.

Governance and Staff

The Board is made up of non-profit charter school operator members and members at large who bring expertise and support the sound management of MAPCS.


  • Ricarda Easton, Chair, Afya Baltimore
  • Erika Brockman, Secretary, Southwest Baltimore Charter School

Board Members

  • Duane Arbogast,The Children's Guild
  • Mike Chalupa, City Neighbors Foundation
  • Kona Facia-Nepay, Baltimore International Academy
  • Dr. Cecil Payton, Empowerment Academy
  • Dan Schochor, Green Street Academy
  • Jeffrey Stern, Riverside Advisors


  • Stephanie Simms, Director of Operations


Maryland Alliance of Public Charter Schools
1500 Union Ave, Suite 1330
Baltimore, MD 21211

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