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Opening a charter school

In order to open a public charter school, a non-profit organization (Operator) submits an application to the local school board (Authorizer). If approved by the local school board, the operator and authorizer sign a multi-year contract.

The contract outlines the charter school program, location of the school, funding and terms for renewal or termination. The contract defines areas in which the operator has the autonomy to run the charter school in exchange for increased accountability for student performance and management.

Charter Schools in the United States

43 states have charter laws. The laws vary in the degree of autonomy, accountability and funding for charter schools, including the authorizing agency that may approve and renew their application. Currently, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools ranks Maryland at 43 out of 43 states in terms of the strength of its law.

Charter Schools in the your county

In Maryland, charter schools operate in only a few areas including Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Prince George's County, Frederick and St. Mary's County. See a complete listing of charter schools by jurisdiction.